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Front Cover (Lots 5, 11, 22) Illustrations of Silver Winner’s Medal Awarded to African-American Joseph F. Stadler for Standing High Jump in the St. Louis 1904 Olympic Games, Gold Medal Winner’s Sèvres Porcelain Award Vase of the Paris 1924 Olympic Games, and Badge of the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo 1940 Olympic Games (Cancelled) respectively.
Inside Front Cover (Lot 16)
Silver Winner’s Medal Awarded to Gustav Lautschner for Alpine Skiing in the 1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Olympic Winter Games.
Part 1 (Lots 1 - 6)
(Pages 1 - 4)
Terms of Sale; Highlights of the Auction.
Part 2 (lots 7 - 32)
(Pages 5 - 8)
Highlights of the Auction (continued).
Part 3 (Lots 33 - 62)
(Pages 9 - 12)

Highlights of the Auction (continued); Tourches of the Olympic Games, Olympic Summer Game Tourches; Olympic Winter Games Tourches.

Part 4 (Lots 63 - 101)
(Pages 13 -16)

Olympic Winter Games Tourches (continued); The Modern Olympic Games; Athens, Intermediate Games, 1906; London, 4th Olympic Games 1908; Stockholm, 5th Olympic Games, 1912; Antwerp, 7th Olympic Games, 1920; Paris, 8th Olympic Games, 1924; Amsterdam, 9th Olympic Games, 1928; Los Angeles, 10th Olympic Games, 1932.

Part 5 (Lots 102 - 135)
(Pages 17 - 20)

Los Angeles, 10th Olympic Games, 1932 (continued); Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 4th Olympic Winter Games, 1936; Berlin, 11th Olympic Games, 1936; Tokyo, 12th Olympic Games, 1940 (Cancelled); Helsinki, 12th Olympic Games, 1940 (Cancelled); Cortina, d'Ampezzo, 5th Olympic Winter Games, 1944 (Cancelled); St. Moritz, 5th Olympic Winter Games, 1948; Oslo, 6th Olympic Winter Games, 1952; Helsinki, 15th Olympic Games, 1952; Cortina d'Ampezzo, 7th Olympic Winter Games, 1956; Melbourne, 16th Olympic Games, 1956; Squaw Valley, 8th Olympic Winter Games, 1960; Innsbruck, 9th Olympic Winter Games, 1964.

Part 6 (Lots 136 - 171)
(Pages 21 - 24)

Innsbruck, 9th Olympic Winter Games, 1964 (continued); Tokyo, 18th Olympic Games, 1964; Grenoble, 10th Olympic Winter Games, 1968; Sapporo, 11th Olympic Winter Games, 1972; Munich, 20th Olympic Games, 1972; Montreal, 21st Olympic Games, 1976; Lake Placid, 13th Olympic Winter Games, 1980; Moscow, 22nd Olympic Games, 1980; Los Angeles, 23rd Olympic Games, 1984; Calgary, 15th Olympic Winter Games, 1988; Seoul, 24th Olympic Games, 1988.

Part 7 (Lots 172 - 204)
(Pages 25 - 28)

Seoul, 24th Olympic Games, 1988 (continued); Albertville, 16th Olympic Winter Games, 1992; Barcelona, 25th Olympic Games, 1992; Lillehammer, 17th Olympic Winter Games, 1994; Atlanta, 26th Olympic Games, 1996; Nagano, 18th Olympic Winter Games, 1998; Salt Lake City, 19th Olympic Winter Games, 2002; Athens, 28th Olympic Games, 2004; Torino, 20th Olympic Winter Games, 2006; Beijing, 29th Olympic Games, 2008; London, 30th Olympic Games, 2012; Sochi, 22nd Olympic Winter Games, 2014; Rio de Janeiro, 31st Olympic Games, 2016.

Back Cover (Lot 36)

Illustration of Bronze Winner’s Medal Awarded for Four-Man Bobsleigh in the Lillehammer 1994 Olympic Winter Games.

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